The world of Journalism

What is Journalism? Why it is so important? Sometimes it’s hard to answer on simple questions such as what is justice, beauty, thuth…journalism. I think humankind invented conception of journalism as a result of communication and distribution the information among people . The information has to be significant to know, reliable, and succinct I think. The person who is  presenting the news – the journalist has one big duty on his way to bringing the information to the audience. And that duty is to check out if the information is correct and if the news is evluated at the code of ethics. The role of this area of study is important because the journalism is the guard to the information people need.

“Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”


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Fashion, art, design, etc…

Hi…today I woke up with an idea to learn how to do an origami…Actually, it’s an “old” idea, I mean had similar one before…but hand made origami are so cute, you just can’t stop wondering how a few minutes of working with a piece of colorful paper can create such a beauty…Especially with St. Valentines day upcoming…So I searched for origami on the web…found some interesting stuff but turned to another different links to other websites(You never know where Internet can bring you!)…So you can click here and find the person that was creating her wonderful weblog

At first I even did not understand was it a blog or not and if so what is all about…so much different stuff were in there…Basically there are a huge amount of information about author’s “life and interests in the areas of art, design, fashion, retail, branding, spirituality, hospitality, wellness spas and travel destinations”. Truly, this woman has so much to share with us. Seems like she used to go and visit so mane exciting places of the globe. I mean not that one that you can find in your local travel agencies…no, those places that only few people could even heard of…wow


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First entry

hi…this is a first time I create a weblog..actually I had one earlier but it was a long time ago. Now this new one is made for special purpose I think. What the purpose we’ll see very soon ))

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Hello world!

hey-hey everybody!

you’re all welcome on my blog.. ))

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